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Houston Electricians Give the Lowdown on Low Voltage

The Houston electricians at Copperfield Electric provide low voltage system solutions and services for all of your commercial and residential needs. Copperfield Electric’s skilled Houston electrical contractors have the expertise to design and install the most cost effective and technically advanced low voltage systems with unmatched quality, performance and reliability.

The term “Low Voltage”, or LV for short, is generally used to describe devices or systems with a voltage of 12 volts or less. Low voltage electrical systems have been described as the wave of the future, with an increasing number of low voltage products being released on the market every year. For many applications low voltage has significant advantages to those with higher voltage. Along with their low energy consumption, low voltage systems are safer to handle and install than higher voltage systems, they generate very little heat and the wiring can be exposed to rain and snow without presenting an electrocution hazard, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.

The number of low voltage devices continues to grow every year. They can be designed for use indoors and outdoors and for home or business. Examples of indoor low voltage devices include telephones, television, doorbells, thermostats, track lighting, fire alarms, security systems, and computer networks. Outdoor low voltage systems include flood lights, landscaping lights, control panels and garage door openers.

Although a lot of low voltage devices run on batteries, a transformer can be easily installed by the Houston Texas electricians  at Copperfield Electric. A transformer reduces the standard 110 volt current to 12 volt. Special cables are attached to the transformer to distribute power to your low voltage devices.

Enhance the beauty and safety of your home, the efficiency of your business operations, and save money on energy bills with a low voltage system set up by the trained Houston electricians at Copperfield Electric.  So if you’re searching for expert electrical contractors in Houston the search is over! Call Copperfield Electric today at (281) 463-6547 to get high quality service for your low voltage needs.

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