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Over the years, we have done work at shopping centers, malls, medical facilities, hotels, condos, office warehouses, lease spaces, machine shops, gas stations, downtown office buildings, the Hobby & Bush airports, the University of Houston, churches, restaurants, etc. We have worked with many prominent contractors and builders. We have gravitated to mostly restaurants and fast food work for the last several years because of the great relationships we have with our general contractors and the companies themselves. We continue to do work and service calls for other various commercial businesses. (We have done Wendy’s, Pei Wei, Chick-fil-A, Taco Cabana, Steak & Shake, Panda Express, KFC, etc. We have done remodel work for Burger King with TexStar Cimarron.)

Our main client is McDonald’s and we’ve done Houston electrical work for them since our inception. We have done approximately 200 stores from the ground up stretching from Houston out to surrounding cities, such as Victoria, Galveston, College Station, etc. We’ve done remodel work and re-imaging to many more. We do Houston electrical service work for many owner/operators. We’ve done work at the corporate office and the Ronald McDonald House as well. We have done McDonald’s with three general contractors over 20 years. We currently work with Be & De Construction and TexStar Cimarron.

We have done work for Landmark General Contractors out of Southlake, Texas for about 10 years. We primarily do Chick-fil-A’s and Taco Cabanas for them. The last full-sized restaurant we did was Applebee’s at 290 and 1960 with Tuscan Builders. McDonald’s and Chick-fil-A consider Brian Campbell an expert on many of the systems and devices installed in stores and call him to troubleshoot and consult. We are called in to fix problems that other Houston electrical contractors can’t fix, like problems with POS and PaR systems. We’ve helped design lighting and control panels to help meet the needs of McDonald’s and their stores.

We are qualified to do any type of electrical work. We have a good reputation with the City of Houston, both with the electrical board and the city inspectors. We have a good reputation with our suppliers and we are in good standing with the state. We have had these long-standing relationships because of our skill and integrity.

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Copperfield Electric has been in business since July 21, 1988. We have been doing commercial and residential work in and around Houston for over 30 years. The business is a sole proprietorship. Kathy Campbell is the proprietor and as a minority-owned business, Copperfield Electric can qualify for special contracts if we choose to. Lowell “Kip” Campbell and Brian Campbell work together to run the business.

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  • Kip has been an electrician for 47 years and a Houston electrical contractor for 30 years. Not only has he been an electrical contractor, he also worked for a power company, which gives him a broader-based knowledge. Prior to a state licensing, Kip held master licenses in several cities in Texas. He currently holds a *Texas electrician master license and a *Texas electrical contractor license. Brian Campbell has been doing commercial electrical and residential electrical work for 21 years. He holds a Texas electrician master license as well.

    *TEML # 18226 – *TECL #1760

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